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Digital ocean is an unmanaged cloud hosting provider mainly focus their service on developers who needs to work live on servers and manipulate things to their needs . Digital Ocean is great service until now and is trusted cloud service provider since very long time . After every update, they get better and better . This is in-depth  digital ocean review

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Pros of digital ocean 

  • Deploy cloud in seconds
  • Pay for what you use
  • Collaboration
  • Affordable price
  • Fast ticket support
  • Big community supporters
  • Earn credit through referral
  • No downtime
  • Easy management
  • Dedicated IP
  • Vast API docs
  • Worldwide servers
  • No pricing difference for server location
  • One click installation ( ubuntu , lamp , WordPress )
  • Huge Tutorials collection

Cons of Digital Ocean 

  • Credits deducted if not use for a year
  • Difficult to get started for server Newbies
  • No support via telephone

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Digital Ocean pros Explained

Deploy cloud in seconds 

If you consider other cloud hosting , VPS providers it will take them 2 – 3 days to deploy a server for your but on a digital ocean, you can deploy your cloud in 60 seconds yes that’s right you won’t have to wait for days to deploy a cloud server . Look below image and you can see how fast you can deploy a cloud .

digital ocean cloud deploy

pay for usage only

Digital Ocean has a policy that you will only be charged for what you use that means if you deploy a 5$ cloud server and you destroy the server after 10 to 20 minutes you will only be paying some cents and the rest will be still there in your account . Yes, that’s right no commitment . You can leave whenever you want but the credit you earned can only be used in digital ocean and cannot be transferred out of the system .


Have you got a team ? Don’t worry you don’t have to share your password with everyone for them to access the server details you can add them to the specific droplet and work as a team .

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Affordable Price

Have you checked out their pricing ? It’s really affordable when you compare to Amazon web services and google cloud . Servers on digital ocean start at a price of 5$ per month and there is none who couldn’t afford that if they have the dream of running an online business .

Fast Ticket support 

One day i created a ticket support and asked them ” the bandwidth limit is 1TB what will happen its over “? Within some minutes they answered to my ticket and said:  “now we don’t charge for extra bandwidth in future if we charge when the bandwidth exceeds we will contact you” .  They were really fast and lot more tickets were answered by them fastly .

Community support

Digital Ocean has a big community of server nerds who know better things and how to do things online with the server . This community is really helpful because people there really help you to do things easy . Even though the digital ocean is unmanaged having a community like this make digital ocean easy to manage .

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Earn credit through referral

Digital Ocean allows you to earn credits through referral link so that you don’t have to pay but get users through the referral link and for each user who joins digital ocean through your link get 10$ as and you get 25$ when they spend some dollars .

No downtime

I have hosted on digital ocean for 4 to 5 months and i have never experienced any downtime with them and i have also never read downtime issues with digital ocean

Easy management 

You can manage your digital ocean droplet easily , you can deploy , destroy and manage it easily from your dashboard .

Dedicated IP

Digital ocean provides you with dedicated IP with no extra cash . You won’t even have to pay a single extra dime to them . the speciality of the dedicated IP is that you get the IP related to the country that you deploy the app .

Better API documentation 

Need to make your custom app ? You can make it and manage your digital ocean droplets with the custom app you make digital ocean app will help you in this process .

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Worldwide servers

You can deploy droplet worldwide , this helps you to get your servers running near to your users . You can deploy your server in locations like san Francisco , Toronto , frankfurt , Amsterdam, London, new york , Bangalore and Singapore .

No pricing difference for server location

In amazon and other services you have to pay depending upon which place you deploy your cloud server . If you launch in asia the price is too high it is in america its low but on digitalocean the price is always same .

One click app install

You can install server software like Linux , Ubuntu, and centos or an app like owncloud in simple clicks you don’t have to log in to your ssh to do this  .

Huge tutorial collection

Digitalocean pays people thousands of dollars to write tutorials on how to do things online apart from the kickass community they have also hired experts to write the tutorials which help the users easy to do stuff on digital ocean
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Digital Ocean Pricing 


  • Price ($)       Ram            Processor        SSD Space   Bandwidth (TB)         Offer Link
  • 5                    512Mb                 1                        20                 1                             Get Discount
  • 10                     1GB                   1                        30                 2                            Get Discount
  • 20                     2                       2                        40                 3                            Get Discount
  • 40                     4                       2                        60                 4                            Get Discount
  • 80                     8                       4                        80                 5                            Get Discount
  • 160                   16                      8                       160                6                            Get Discount
  • 320                  32                      12                     320                7                            Get Discount
  • 480                  48                      16                    480                8                            Get Discount
  • 640                  64                      20                    640                9                            Get Discount


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